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thank you

A Note From Us to You

We eloped in the desert, duh!
It was something we knew we wanted; to have our love be first amongst other things - just the two of us.

You may have noticed something peculiar…
To begin our new adventure, we decided to break tradition and took on a new name

Noir translates to darkness but don't think so little of it now. Our love is as big and as dark as the universe … and we are completely blinded by it. We’re happily excited for the unknown. All that still lay in the darkness, the good and the bad to come, are the things that we are most excited about; the unknown future, the many possibilities, the endless love...as long as we’re together.

Hope you enjoyed traveling through our story. This is our way to share our love for each other with you. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible.

Jay & Mia Noir



Sage Bouquet

Crystal Cactus

Galaxy Macarons

The Happy Belly Bakery

Makeup Advisors

Karolina Bernat & Shannon O'Brien


Mia Noir, Jay Noir,
Josephine Yang, & Leslie Presto


Jay Noir

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Leslie Presto

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Leslie Presto

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Leslie Presto,
James Miller, & Richard Mipana